Product Reviews

My trumpet arrived safe and sound. I am loving it. The sound is glorious. It has a wonderful density and lots of rich overtones. The intonation and slotting are excellent, and the notes bend easier than any other horn I currently own. Mechanically the slides are nice and tight, no drippy slides like so many other horns, even new ones. The valves are lightning fast and the tolerances seem very tight. This horn has better compression than any I have owned. I love the trombone style water keys, I wish all trumpets had these. I bought this trumpet for sound and hoped for good mechanics and am thrilled by all the extra touches, like the wonderful indented finger buttons. Customer service is top notch, I was able to get this without the 1st valve saddle and with brass valve stems. I’ve been playing on this mouthpiece for almost two months now. I find it comfortable to play and I love the sound. It’s loaded with overtones and gives me a beautiful sound which works well for all styles of music. No complaints about this horn.
David W.
East Bay, CA
“Wins hands down when compared to my old Martin!”
Jim H.
Los Angeles, CA
I played the mouthpiece for an hour with intermittently trying against some of the mouthpieces in my collection including one I have played since 1991. Your Martin G2 wins out against everything. It plays more in tune even against any of my collection including the Monette I have. Your Martin has to be the best overall mouthpiece I have ever played. The rim feels good but the shape is very unique, it will take some getting used to but it is great. I now see why Miles Davis played this style. It can be warm sounding but still have a great high register. More broader sound palette with less effort. You have made me one happy trumpet player! I will be selling my whole collection and purchasing another of your Martin G2. I am still wanting to try your new Committee Trumpet. As soon as I sell my mouthpiece collection, I’ll go online and order another Martin G2 mouthpiece.
Doyle C.
Westpoint, TN

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